1. What I am Wearing Southwestern Influences

What I am Wearing: Southwestern Influences

1. What I am Wearing Southwestern Influences

The hubs and I caught onto the Breaking Bad train late and only heard about it through recommendations from friends.  I know what you’re thinking, were we living under a massive red rock in the middle of the Albuquerque desert somewhere?

We started season 1 enthusiastically, and didn’t make it past the beginning of season 2.  The gruesome visuals and heart attack inducing storylines were a bit too much for my nerves to handle.  However, the gripping characters interested me enough to read online summaries so that I could still stay on top of the story, without the recurring nightmares.

Why am I bringing this up now?  Because Breaking Bad is again back in our life.  As the series wraps up, I am giving season 5 a try.  Since I am aware of everything that has occurred since the beginning, I can’t bare to not know how it all ends and I am back to gripping the seat of the couch with the rest of the Breaking Bad fans.

2. What I am Wearing Southwestern Influences

This weekend, I channeled Albuquerque’s southwestern influences for a casual look.  I started with a crochet top (a piece that can easily be worn year round) and paired it with a turquoise pendant and gold bangles.  I pulled it all together with one of my most favorite finds this season: Target geometric printed sandals.  If you are still in the need for sandals this season (or even if you aren’t and just need to spruce up your collection) Target has a lot of great styles currently on clearance.  Score!

3. What I am Wearing Southwestern Influences

Crochet top (similar here), Turquoise pendant (similar here), Jeans (H&M), Sandals (Target, view clearance sandals here)

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