1. Thisis30


1. Thisis30I hit a pretty big milestone in December.

I turned the big 3-0.  Not only did it mess with my stream of consciousness a bit, but as the weeks passed I realize that very many different parts of my life scream “You are obviously 30!” Case in point: 9:00pm bedtime, my favorite show is Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, the girls on The Bachelor are “kids”… you get the drift without further embarrassing myself.

In case there was any chance we had some vivaciousness left, we debunked that assumption and solidified ourselves as 30-year-olds by spending Friday night at our local food truck gathering with other friends and their babes.  Oh, and did I mention we ate dinner at 5:00pm to beat the kiddos’ bedtimes?

Yup, #thisis30.

And I am pretty damn happy about it.

2. Thisis30Hi, mama!

3. Thisis30Peanut is wondering: “How many of these pictures do we have to take?!”

4. Thisis30Toes in the grass.

5. Thisis30She was crawling towards me to attack the camera, but it looks like she is posing perfectly to show off her headband.

5. Thisis30

7. Thisis30Food trucks at sunset.

On me: blouse {Rails}, jeans {American Eagle}, shoes {Sam Edelman}, sunnies {Ray Ban}, watch {Michelle}

On Babe: shirt {Baby Gap}, jeans {Carters}, shoes {Freshly Picked}, headband {Etsy}

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