1. The Art of Alterations

The Art of Alterations

1. The Art of Alterations

When I first saw this dress, the only thing it had going for it was the print.The hemline was about four inches longer and the snap at the end of the neckline was two inches higher.  It looked matronly and lost a lot of its appeal when it was off the hanger.

2. The Art of Alterations

But there was potential.  It’s like walking into your dream home, but it’s not quite your dream home yet.  The location is perfect, it has good bones, but it is missing the pizzazz that a little remodeling can fix.

3. The Art of Alterations

So, I rehabbed the dress.  I asked the seamstress if she could make the alterations I envisioned in my mind (sometimes I have these grand ideas but because of the way the item is structured it can’t always be done.  I always listen to them, they are the expert, after all).  I felt longer sleeves warranted a shorter hemline and the lower v neckline could allow for a statement necklace.

4. The Art of Alterations

A few days later and my pocketbook none the lighter (thanks to Nordstrom’s free alterations) I had the perfect wedding guest dress- tailored just for me!

5. The Art of Alterations

6. The Art of Alterations

Dress {Nordstrom’s house brand},  Shoes {Nine West}, Clutch {UGG}


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