1. Target and Cotton Balls

Target and Cotton Balls

1. Target and Cotton Balls “When did you get that dress?”  Asked my husband quizzically.

“When I went into Target to buy cotton balls,” I replied (unabashedly? proudly?).

It’s true.  I had my Babe in the cart and list in hand when I entered Target and slowed past the women’s clothing section.  Ok, “slowed” is being generous.  I fell to a complete stop and almost created a chain reaction of shopping carts rear ending each other behind me.  But I spotted the print immediately, and I am a sucker for a good print.

It doesn’t matter what the article of clothing is- anything from a pair of socks to a cocktail dress- but if it has an amazing print, I’m buying it.  It was basically love at first sight- but I tend to have a lot of those.

Can you blame me?

2. Target and Cotton Balls

3. Target and Cotton Balls

4. Target and Cotton Balls

5. Target and Cotton Balls

6. Target and Cotton Balls

Dress {Target}, Shoes {Halogen}, Necklace, Jacket {H&M}, Earrings {Gorjana}, Sunnies {Ray Ban}

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