1. Describe Your Style

Describe Your Style

1. Describe Your StyleI was recently asked how I would describe my style.  I find that to be a hard question to answer, although I ask my closet clients that all the time.

My style depends on the event, my mood, even the weather.  But when I thought about it, there were a couple constant characteristics that stood out: classic, layered basics, but with a bit of edge.  I find that no matter where I am going- park play date, wedding, date night with my husband- I layer my basics with a trend piece that usually has a bit of spunk and jazz to it.  My favorite way to do that is with accessories: hats, sunglasses, belts, shoes, and jewelry all allow me to stay up on the trend but not spend too much in case its popularity leaves as quickly as it came.

2. Describe Your Style

This outfit epitomizes that to the most basic level.  I layered classic pieces that could hold up to my mommy duties for the day but added a black and gold arrowhead necklace and gold filigree ring for that needed snazz.  Easy peasy, but staying true to my core style.

3. Describe Your Style

I’d love to know, how would you describe your style?

Arrowhead and Bar Necklace {both Etsy}, Cardigan {Halogen}, Top and Pants {both Madewell}, Shoes {UGG}

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  1. neverjustclothes
    neverjustclothes says:

    I always like to call my style “classically weird.” You know those ladies who pile on the accessories, have a more is more attitude, wear clothes that are more interesting than they are actually functional, and yet the clothes kind of seem like collector’s pieces that could conceivably work across many seasons? I guess that’s the look I go for. I love questions like this!

  2. prettywittywagner
    prettywittywagner says:

    Comfortably chic. I like to take a trend and minimize it and make it more comfortable. My husband calls it mom-ing it. I love fashion and being cute and feeling cute but as you know the cute stuff is not usually baby friendly. How do you even wear necklaces with a baby? Please pour your wisdom on me :-p

    • Babes and Baubles
      Babes and Baubles says:

      Love that you know how to interpret the trends so that they work with being a full-time mommy! That can be hard to do sometimes, I know I can struggle with that. As for the necklaces, she always tugs at them a little but usually gets distracted and moves on. It could be the difference between boys and girls but she also isn’t much of a cuddler- so the only time she is close enough to get at them is while nursing. 🙂


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