1. Day Dating

Day Dating

1. Day DatingLast year B.K. (before kids), I was never a huge fan of day dates.

I felt like the magic of night dates was missing- getting fancy, the mysterious of a dark evening, drinking more than one libation without feeling like I had a problem.  Day dates just don’t allow for those things.

However, beggars can’t be choosers and when Grammy offers to take Babe during the day, we jump at the chance for some alone time.

Last week we had our most successful day date yet: we went wine tasting at Old Creek Ranch Winery located in Ojai, CA.  I think we found the one activity where having more than one drink during the day is perfectly acceptable.  But more than that, it was a quaint vineyard tucked away in a small town with green plains and NO CRYING BABIES.  Hubs and I brought some sandwiches, had some good wine, and picnicked ourselves out.

2. Day DatingThe lariat or Y necklace, however you want to slice it, modernizes an outfit and adds a bit of glam.

3. Day DatingThis bulb lighting made for a cozy atmosphere.

4. Day DatingThe closest to cowboy boots I own to countrify my outfit.

5. Day DatingThe vineyards “office”.  I peeked inside the window to see that 1. they don’t have a computer and 2. they use an adding machine.  How vintage!

6. Day DatingCool old truck.

Any ideas for our next day date?  We could use some suggestions!

Dress {Porridge}, Boots {UGG}, Jacket {Rubbish}, Necklace {Gorjana}, Sunnies {Ray Ban}

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