1. Daddy on Duty

Daddy on Duty

1. Daddy on DutyI did my first night away solo last weekend.

I had done a night away with my husband but this time it was a bachelorette party, and Babe and dad were on their own.  It went swimmingly.  She was an “angel” (of course), ate well (of course) and slept beautifully (well, of course).   I was kinda hoping there would be a little sweat while I was gone so I’d get the “I don’t know how we could ever live without you!  It is so much work!” response when I got home, but alas, my husband nailed it.  I came home to a happy baby, no dirty dishes, and a house that was relatively clean.  I’m surprised he didn’t just happen to whip up a homemade apple pie while he was at it.  He kinda made me look bad.  I guess I should be taking notes from him!

The getaway was in Palm Springs and I took full advantage of dressing the part.  A fringed kimono, cutoff shorts, and fedora made me feel as though I was heading to Coachella.

2. Daddy on Duty

3. Daddy on Duty

3. Daddy on Duty

It was so hard to say goodbye to Babe as she just turned 10 months and is literally doing something new every day.  I was gone 24 hours and upon my return she was not only using her walker, but practically running with it!

5. Daddy on Duty

6. Daddy on Duty

7. Daddy on Duty

8. Daddy on Duty

On me: Kimono {Target}, Shorts {Joe’s Jeans}, Sandals {Steve Madden}, Bag {J. Crew}

On Babe: Shirt and Leggings {Carters}, Headband {Etsy}, Shoes {Freshly Picked}

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