2. Ba-nan-as!


2. Ba-nan-as!

Fashion blogs, decorative pillows, the cute mom at Trader Joe’s, and Kyle from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills all have something in common, shockingly.  They are all places from which I gather inspiration for my wardrobe.

These aren’t the only places, however.  (And thank goodness for that).  I gather ideas for mixing and matching textures and colors from just about anywhere.  Flowers in a front yard, linens at a dinner party, the subdued colors at the beach on a grey day, etc.  Inspiration is literally all around.

3. Ba-nan-as!

4. Ba-nan-as!

When I am really stuck on what to wear, however, there is one person I channel to get a wardrobe revelation going inside me.  Her style is a nod to the ’60s, she almost always dresses in neutrals, and she is arguably the one who singlehandedly revitalized the boho trend in the early ’00s.

5. Ba-nan-as!

6. Ba-nan-as!

WWRW.  What would Rachel (Zoe) Wear.  Zoe is a stylist to the stars and a clothing designer (in case you missed a few years of Bravo TV).  Her style is approachable and easy to emulate.  So when it was time to pick something out for a fun girls dinner recently, I channeled her inner Jane Birkin, mixed with a little Kardashian edge.

7. Ba-nan-as!And now that I just referenced three reality TV stars in one blog post, I am showing myself the door.

Where do you gather your inspiration from?


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  1. anineverland
    anineverland says:

    With little changes, this style can work with so many ages. However, I would love to get fashion ideas from RHOBH if they would stop yelling at one another.


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