1. Meet The Pizzas

Meet The Pizzas

1. Meet The Pizzas

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I spent the last week in San Diego.  It was so nice to be down visiting with family and friends.  It isn’t technically “home” anymore, but I think I will always feel at home there. My Nana Pizza celebrated her 80th birthday while we were down.  Nana Pizza is wife to Papa Pizza who worked at a pizza factory when we were younger.  To differentiate them from our other set of grandparents, my siblings and I called them Nana and Papa Pizza, naturally.  Quite Godfather-ish, huh?

2. Meet The Pizzas
Whenever we spent the night at their house (which was quite often) we were treated like royalty.  There was orange soda for us in the fridge, we chose what to eat for dinner, and long baths and endless games of Texas Hold’em were my leisure activities of choice.
3. Meet The Pizzas

I know how important it is to grow up close to grandparents and try to make that a priority for my own daughter.  I want her to do “woodworking” with her grandpa, eat too many homemade cookies (occasionally), and always “win” at card games.

4. Meet The Pizzas

5. Meet The Pizzas

6. Meet The Pizzas

7. Meet The Pizzas

What memories do you have with your grandparents?

On me: Dress {Revolve Clothing}, Chambray top {Nordstrom}, Shoes {Franco Sarto at Marshall’s}

On Babe: Top and Leggings {Carters}, Headband {Etsy}, Shoes {Freshly Picked}



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