1. Wear of the Week Red Denim

Wear of the Week: Red Denim

1. Wear of the Week Red Denim{Photo cred: people.com}

As trends come and go each season, it can be hard to know which ones to invest in.  There are a few things to consider before handing over those hard-earned shekels.

First and most important, take into account if you even like the trend.  It is never worth investing in a trend if you don’t even like it to begin with!  The second point to consider is if it compliments your style and if you are comfortable in it.   If peplum  doesn’t flatter your body, don’t wear it.  If you feel really uncomfortable in high-waist denim, try another style.  There are plenty of other trends to choose from each season to be self-conscious in the one you are in.

And last but not least, consider the wearability of the item: how much wear will you get out of it and how does it work with your current wardrobe?

“Wear of the Week” is a segment where I take a current trend and each day show you how to wear it multiple ways to ensure you are maximizing its potential and are minimizing wasted dollars on trendy items you don’t end up using.

This week I am highlighting red denim.  Spotted on celebrities and the runway alike, this trend is a funky take on a standard pair of jeans.  If red isn’t your forte, this Wear of the Week can easily apply to your favorite colored denim choice as well.

Stop by tomorrow to see how I style the first day!

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