1. Wear of the Week Booties + Skirt

Wear of the Week: Booties + Skirt

1. Wear of the Week Booties + Skirt

Guess what arrived yesterday… fall!  And it came with a roar.   The sun didn’t make an appearance all day, the wind blew nonstop, and the thermostat didn’t inch above 63 degrees.  I know this is only temporary, as I am sure there are many warm days ahead, but I will embrace it while it is here.

During these transitional weeks, I tend to gravitate toward clothes in darker colors that can be dressed for warm or cool weather alike, such as this black and cream floral skirt.  I initially thought today’s post would highlight this outfit as a warm weather ensemble, but once I noticed the brisk air outdoors, I added tights to make it more fall-weather appropriate.  Tights, scarves, and hats can all be quick but efficient add-ons to an outfit when an unexpected chill arrives.

2. Wear of the Week Booties + Skirt

Paired with the always-versatile chambray shirt and black booties, this outfit celebrates fall while recognizing that summer isn’t far behind.  I contrasted the hippie-fringe booties by adding a preppy vibe with the chambray shirt buttoned to the very top.  The black bib necklace ties the look together and I wore a cocktail ring passed down from my grandma for a bit of flair.

3. Wear of the Week Booties + Skirt

4. Wear of the Week Booties + Skirt

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back tomorrow for how I style Wear of the Week day 2!

5. Wear of the Week Booties + Skirt

Top {Nordstrom}, Skirt {Forever21}, Booties {seen here}, Necklace {H&M}, Sunnies {seen here}

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