iii. Three Things Thankful

Three Things Thankful

Whew, what a (couple) weeks.  Babe is officially a toddler which means we just go, and go, and go and go.  It also means cute words and phrases are punctuating her speech (“Iiiiiiii” for “I love you” is my personal favorite.) We have opinions and attitude and we are never quite sure what to expect.  But my heart has never been so full.

To recover from the exhaustion, I am heading to San Diego for a bachelorette party.  Not quite R&R but looking forward to some quality time with friends.

Here are the three things I am thankful for this week.

1. Three Things Thankful{Hot pepper infused vodka. We made a delicious pineapple cilantro concoction with this puppy that I will post soon.}

i. Three Things Thankful {Babe’s first pair of tennies.  She sprints in those like it’s no one’s business but her own.}

iii. Three Things Thankful{Ten roses to celebrate a decade of dating with my husband.}


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  1. Ann
    Ann says:

    It’s hard to know which of these is my favorite. Such wonderful choices. It’s a toss up between the roses and tennies. Such wonderful stories behind both.


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