b. Three Things Thankful

Three Things Thankful

Happy Friday Eve, friends!  The first week back after a holiday weekend is always super rough so I think we should absolutely celebrate that Friday is less then 24 hours away.  My weekend goals include trying a new meal, going for a run, and hopefully some sunshine (the June gloom on the west coast has now made its way into July…).

Here are a few things I am thankful for this week.

a. Three Things Thankful

{Fresh lavender in tiny vases.}

b. Three Things Thankful

{My first homemade juice in over a year. Shortly after making it I realized why it’s been so long. A baby/toddler is hard to corral long enough to get one made.}

c. Three Things Thankful

{New artwork for our bedroom courtesy of my talented friend Amy Logsdon of Moment Maps.}

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