Navy Blue, I Love You

 My love for navy blue starts with my Nana.  I remember as…
1. Cold Shoulder

Cold Shoulder

It took having a baby to force myself to be a better packer,…
1. Meet The Pizzas

Meet The Pizzas

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I spent the…
1. Neutral like Switzerland

Neutral like Switzerland

This crochet vest started as a costume piece in my closet.…
1. Daddy on Duty

Daddy on Duty

I did my first night away solo last weekend. I had done a…
Life's a Beach (4)

Life's a Beach

 This was one of those days.  I woke up with a sore throat…
1. Three Things Thankful

Three Things Thankful

This week's Three Things Thankful is all about spring!  Although…
1. Describe Your Style

Describe Your Style

I was recently asked how I would describe my style.  I find…
1. All White Errything

All White Errything

So.  I can already see it happening.   I am going to…
1. Target and Cotton Balls

Target and Cotton Balls

 "When did you get that dress?"  Asked my husband quizzically. "When…