1. On Trend The Half Tuck

On Trend: The Half Tuck

1. On Trend The Half Tuck1. On Trend The Half Tuck

Kristin Cavallari and Carrie Underwood sporting the half tuck trend.

Photo cred: people.com

Cheesy ads claiming easy weight loss bombard infomercials, our email inbox, and the insides of magazines.  For the most part, they are ridiculously dramatized as we know there is nothing easy about getting in shape.  However, there is one current trend that can make you appear slimmer and accentuate your figure- no magic pill or cookie diet needed- the half tuck.

Blousy tops, chunky sweaters, and loose t-shirts can be hard to wear if the skill of the half tuck isn’t applied to the outfit.  It is a simple way to make an outfit look more tailored (and therefore slimming!) by tucking in the front part of a top and letting the rest fall naturally.  The trick is to make sure the tuck looks purposeful and intended.  It can add a fun touch to any outfit and it also is a great way to showcase an amazing belt!

2. On Trend The Half Tuck3. On Trend The Half Tuck4. On Trend The Half Tuck6. On Trend The Half Tuck

How to master the half tuck:

1. Pull the front part of your shirt (right in front of your bellybutton) up.

7. On Trend The Half Tuck

2. Tuck in the top and make sure the material is flat against your skin without any wrinkles.

8. On Trend The Half Tuck

3.  Pull out just enough material to emphasize the tuck but not too much to where it adds bulk.

9. On Trend The Half Tuck

Voila!  A slimming and on-trend look.

What do you think of the half tuck look?

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