1. Natalie’s Notes Matching Sunglasses to Jewelry

Natalie’s Notes: Matching Sunglasses to Jewelry?

1. Natalie’s Notes Matching Sunglasses to Jewelry

Every now and then, I will get a question regarding style “rules” or how to wear a certain piece.  I love these!  They provide insight into how you all look at fashion and provide a fun challenge for me to answer them.  Therefore, I thought it would be beneficial to start a blog segment dedicated to these questions.

Our first one came via my Facebook page:

Julia writes:

“Do you wear the gold-rimmed aviators with your white gold jewelry? I can’t imagine changing up my jewelry for my sunglasses.”

This is a great question.  We talk a lot about mixing metals, but there do tend to be guidelines in which is the best way to pull off the trend.

I would phrase it more you want to complement your sunglasses with your jewelry, instead of your jewelry with your sunglasses.  I recommend having at least two different pairs of glasses: one to wear with silver jewelry and one to wear with yellow gold (of course, if your sunglasses don’t have any metal on it, they most likely can go either way).

That being said, I won’t take off my “everyday” silver or white gold jewelry if I am wearing gold-rimmed glasses but if I’m accessorizing on top of what I usually wear, then I try to match the metals.

Here are some examples:

Gold jewelry = Gold detailed sunglasses

1. Natalie’s Notes Matching Sunglasses to Jewelry

Silver jewelry = Silver framed sunglasses

3. Natalie’s Notes Matching Sunglasses to Jewelry

How would you answer Julia’s question?

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  1. Amy Logsdon
    Amy Logsdon says:

    Style question: going to a garden party/wedding shower but all I have to wear right now in my closet is the classic black and white outfit. (Black tank and white mini skirt.) how would you accessorize this to make it more colorful and summery?


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