1. How to Style a Bookshelf

How to Style a Bookshelf

1. How to Style a Bookshelf One of my favorite things to do is a style a bookshelf.  I just totally outed myself as a huge nerd, but I promised I would be my true and authentic self on this blog, so there ya have it.Bookshelves are a blank canvas that can really take on any personality.  The same bookshelf can look completely different depending on how the books are organized, how the trinkets are styled, and what art or photographs are used.  It really isn’t far off from putting an outfit together.  You have your base, outfit, and accessories.  Here are my tips for styling a bookshelf:

1. Organize the book spine by color.  This tip instantly transforms a traditional bookcase into a work of art.  This is obviously for style purposes only, so if you have a library of books and need to find each one easily this tip may not work for you.  Before incorporating this tidbit, make sure to remove all dust jackets from the books.  You may be surprised at what the hardcover looks like!  Books instantly look chicer without them, and some have beautiful designs and metallic lettering that really pop on a shelf.

2. How to Style a Bookshelf

3. How to Style a Bookshelf

2. Use artwork and photographs.  Make your bookshelf unique and personal to you, and you can do that by adding family photos or framed work from your favorite artists (including your kids’!).  Depending on the personality of the room your bookshelf is in, you can use all photographs (great use in a family room) or eye-catching formal masterpieces (such as a living room).  My favorite is to mix both, which maximizes the uniqueness.

6. How to Style a Bookshelf

7. How to Style a Bookshelf

3.  Gather trinkets with varying heights.  This is where you get to accessorize and get creative!  Pick fun knick knacks that add personality and flair to the shelves.  I like to mix family heirlooms with the trendy pieces found at Home Goods.  It modernizes the antique pieces and makes the cheap-y ones look more expensive.  When choosing where to cluster them on the book case, make sure to vary the heights and sizes.  Add a dainty bell on top of bulky books or let a large item stand alone.  Mixing and matching textures and items is most appealing to the eye.

4. How to Style a Bookshelf 8. How to Style a Bookshelf

Most of all, have fun with it! What tips would you pass on for styling a bookshelf?

All art illustrated by Moment Maps

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  1. Pear
    Pear says:

    You did an amazing job styling this! Definitely a dream bookshelf for me. I’m redecorating my apartment so I’m going to keep these tips in mind for sure 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!



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