How to Incorporate Trends into an Intentional Wardrobe

Whether you are still in frigid temps or are already enjoying the spring weather half the country is craving, retailers are busting with spring inventory.  The abundance of trends each season can feel overwhelming and as you peruse the store isles, you may wonder, “Am I too old to wear frilly floral tops?”

“Will John Lennon glasses be just as popular next year?”

“What is the deal with ripped denim?  Is it going to disappear once I buy a pair?”

My job is to make sure you are an educated shopper so I am going to lay it out and let you know which trends are worth your investment for spring.

Because here’s the deal, not all trends are created equal.

Some are the flakey middle school boyfriend that barely last longer than a dinner and a movie.

Some are like your first love, sticking around for awhile before fizzling out.  Sure, you may get some wear out of them, but they aren’t the pieces you want to be photographed in for headshots since they will look outdated before your branding does.

And then there are the golden nuggets: the trends that end up being as solid as a union.  They may not last forever, but they sure as heck stick around longer than the others.

The goal is to invest very little in the middle school boyfriend and save your pennies for the more long-lasting relationships.

Because that is where you will get your price-per-wear in.

If you’re new here, let me explain the concept of price-per-wear.

Price per wear is the true cost of an item.  So- a $40 top worn twice ends up being a $20 top.

BUT- a $100 top worn 20 times ends up being a $5 top.

This is how you want to be calculating your purchases.

Back to trends.

Here are the investment-worthy pieces and trends to prioritize this season.

1. Sequins and shimmer.

Shimmer will always be in.  Depending on your personal style, you may use it sparingly or you may fully run with the trend and wear sequins in summer.  But this season, you will see metallic shimmer in just about everything including metallic bags and shoes and sequined jackets.  Have fun with this one and invest away.  Shimmer and shine will withstand the test of time.

2. Pastels.

The “it” colors may change from season to season but beautiful colors will always be in style.  You can incorporate this trend by buying a beautiful lilac cardigan or you may feel more adventurous and try the monochromatic look using pastels head to toe.  Bottom line is a color won’t ever be “out of style”, especially if it flatters you and your skin tone.  So summers, this trend is for you!

3. Plaid.

Plaid is always around in some regard (flannel shirts come out every fall) but this season, plaid is REALLY in.  You will see head to toe plaid suits, plaid shoes, plaid handbags…  If it all seems a little too much, pick something neutral like a black and white basic plaid in a long line blazer.  You would will be hitting two trends at once, but it will still be something you will be able to wear for a while.  Pair the look with a graphic tee for an extra punch.

4. Huge Earrings. AKA “Shoulder Dusters”.

Earrings are getting ENORMOUS.  I mean, my minivan is getting jealous of the real estate my new earrings are taking up in my house.  But this is a cheapish trend you can invest little in and still partake in something fresh and different.  A great pair of earrings will cost you much less than $30.

5. Mules.

No, I haven’t switched to livestock.  I am talking about the backless shoes you slip onto your feet.  This is a busy women’s dream as anything that needs to be buckled, tied, or fastened while bending over gets shoved in the back of the closet over the ease of slip-ons.  You will see mules in a variety of styles- from a dressy loafer to a  pointed toe pump, even a sneaker-style mule.  There is a mule for everyone.

If some of these trends excite you but you want to know more about how to incorporate them while building an intentional wardrobe, then my Fashion Fixer membership may be a good fit for you.

The Fashion Fixer membership program provides a monthly style guide that is heavy on the classic wardrobe pieces and lighter on the trendy pieces to show you how to create that perfect balance. Learn how to re-style and re-wear pieces over and over to bring all those price per wears down, and I am there along the way to answer any questions you might have.

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Happy (intentional) shopping!

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