1 Coolest Sister Ever

Coolest Sister Ever

1 Coolest Sister EverI am excited to share with all of you that our Babes and Baubles family is growing.  Peanut will be welcoming a baby sister in the spring!  Along with trying to manage morning sickness (ha!  “morning”, what a joke), extreme fatigue, and an 18-month-old, my hands have been full and my blog posting inconsistent.  I hope to keep up these next few months, but if you are wondering where I went, well, I’m making a human.Here are some pics of Peanut showing off her cool shirt from her Zia as we try to attempt a decent picture to capture the moment.2 Coolest Sister Ever

3 Coolest Sister Ever{I had to bribe her with a cup of acorns and mail in order to get a few snaps.}

4 Coolest Sister Ever

5 Coolest Sister Ever

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