What Blogging Means to Me

What Blogging Means to Me

What Blogging Means to MeLately I’ve had conflicting feelings about the world of blogging. It has been a while since I’ve last posted publicly, but I feel like my mine is always swarming with ideas for this blog.  I mentally card catalog them in a section of my brain “to be blogged” in the middle of a diaper change or as I’m driving to a park playdate. But then when I actually think about finding the time to sit down and write the post, I become a little overwhelmed with thoughts like: “It’s been so long since I’ve last written, where do I even begin?”  And so I don’t do it.  And then, my mind starts reeling with ideas and I scour my favorite blogger websites and Instagram like an addict trying to get a fix, and I realize I need to start blogging again for my own mental sanity.

And here is where I get conflicted about how I really want to blog.

On the one hand, blogging is a wonderful creative outlet that lets me be me, and I get a chance to express and mentally challenge myself in a world of 24/7 mommy duties.  My passion is to try my hand at styling clothes for myself and my daughter, cook healthy(ish) meals as much as possible, and create a loving home that reflects a combination of my husband’s and my personality. I share those things through this blog because I love to do them and I also appreciate reading blogs and learning from others.

On the other hand, I want to be conscious of creating an artificial facade.  I don’t want this to be another blog that portrays a life that is unrealistic and unattainable.  And if this is a lifestyle blog, it should include all facets of life, not just designer outfits and homemade dinners.  But at the same time, it is a very vulnerable position to put those hardships out there.  Although the audience for this blog isn’t many, it is more than this overall private person would usually share such things on an everyday basis.

As a reader myself the thing that separates the motivating bloggers from the rest of the pack is those who share the real parts of life along with the post about their high end couture outfit details.  I’ve decided the thing that was holding me back in my blog is that I wanted, and needed, to be the blogger that documented more than just the surface level sharing.  You all want to know the best espadrilles to have for spring but I think you also want to know a little bit about the person behind the computer who’s telling you that.

People aren’t going to read this blog because my photography skills are the greatest (ha!), or my fashion sense is the best (ha, ha!), or because my house is perfectly decorated (I think the exersaucer in the middle of my living room ruins that).  There are plenty (thousands!) of other professional blogs that take the cake on those criterion.  I want you to read this blog because there is something in it you relate to and you find the author authentic.  And maybe as a bonus to that you will learn how to style white pants for winter or discover a new salad recipe to make for dinner.

So there.  My intent with this new blog name, new mommy season in life, and new year is that I strive for creative inspiration but also authenticity.  So in this spirit I want to share a little bit about my long hiatus from blogging and why each day I don’t take mommyhood for granted.  Stay tuned…

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