My blood pressure drops ten points every time I look at this picture.

Palm Desert Vacation

1. Palm Desert Vacation

It could be because we already live close to the ocean that the beach isn’t my destination of choice, or because I don’t ski or snowboard and am lukewarm on hiking that the mountains have never captured my heart, but I find peace in the desert- Palm Springs especially.  The dramatic mountains, the rare occasion that you need a jacket, the peaceful views of golf course after golf course, the spas…. I mean really, what is there to stress about?

The days definitely go slower and family time is in abundance.  We swim, we cook, we take walks on a whim- it’s the way I would choose to live my life if pesky things like responsibilities didn’t get in the way.

Vacations are not only necessary for a time-out from everyday life; it also serves as a reminder on how we should be living it.

My blood pressure drops ten points every time I look at this picture.

My blood pressure drops ten points every time I look at this picture.


2. Palm Desert Vacation

3. Palm Desert Vacation

Our water babe.

4. Palm Desert Vacation

Searching for goodies on the golf course.

His mini-me.


His mini-me.

His mini-me.

5. Palm Desert Vacation

6. Palm Desert Vacation

7. Palm Desert Vacation

Fun tablecloth at lunch.

8. Palm Desert Vacation

9. Palm Desert Vacation

Obligatory outfit pic.

10. Palm Desert Vacation

I’d like to say the rain there is a rarity, but it has rained in Palm Desert when we’ve visited at least three different times.

11. Palm Desert Vacation

Snow on the mountains after the storm.

12. Palm Desert Vacation

Two babies in the tub- doesn’t get much cuter than that.

Palm Desert Vacation

Babe was fascinated by the coots on the property. (My immature self thinks that is the funniest word ever.)

14. Palm Desert Vacation


15. Palm Desert Vacation

Sunsets in every color.

16. Palm Desert Vacation



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  1. Rosana
    Rosana says:

    Love it! Her denim vest and bright smile could not be cuter, think she’s an 85-year-old grandma inside too .


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