4. NYC in Pictures

NYC in Pictures

1. NYC in Pictures

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” ― Tom Wolfe

Ever since I lived in Madrid, part of me feels at home in a big city.  I like getting lost among crowds of people, I appreciate learning about the different cultures and personalities big cities attract, and there are always new restaurants and bars to explore.  You are definitely never bored.

So when my mom was sent out there for a conference and invited me to join her, I immediately said yes.  Actually, that’s a lie.  I basically hounded her asking if she wanted company and when it was confirmed that she would get her own room, she lovingly obliged to have me tag along.

There is hardly any place more inspiring than NYC.  The multitude of different cultures uniting and living amongst one another leads to art, food, and fashion unrivaled by any other place.

Here are the things I found inspiring on my 3.5 day journey in NYC.

2. NYC in Pictures{City views.}

4. NYC in Pictures{The rooftop of our quaint hotel in Chelsea.}

4. NYC in Pictures{Shopping in Brooklyn.}

5. NYC in Pictures{Inspiring Brooklyn wall art.}

6. NYC in Pictures{A reenactment of how immigrants lived in the late 1860s at the Tenement Museum.}

7. NYC in Pictures {Live reggae jazz at 55 Bar in the West Village.  It is my NYC staple as I will continue to try and go there on every trip.}

8. NYC in Pictures{Highline view.}

9. NYC in Pictures{Chelsea Market wall art.}

10. NYC in Pictures{Inspiration at every turn in the Meatpacking District.}

18. NYC in Pictures{Me with my daily lemongrass ginger tea.}

12. NYC in Pictures{I knew Albert Einstein was a smart man.}

13. NYC in Pictures{View on the Highline.}

14. NYC in Pictures{Harlem street names paying tribute to their history.}

15. NYC in Pictures

16. NYC in Pictures{Harlem wall art.  The intricacy of all the tiles is astonishing.}

17. NYC in Pictures {The famous Apollo Theater.}

19. NYC in Pictures {Tile in Harlem that matched the vibrancy of the barrio.}

20. NYC in Pictures{Color upon color upon color around every corner.}

21. NYC in Pictures {A shop in Harlem where they have floor to ceiling rows of fabric where you can get custom clothing made.  Gorgeous tunics, harem pants, and skirts were just a few options they offered.}

22. NYC in Pictures {A neighborhood staple that offers arguably the best down-home cooking.}

23. NYC in Pictures{A dilapidated building that looked like it held so much history and personality I had to photograph it.}

24. NYC in Pictures {The super fashionable, turntable genius that played at the local brunch spot in Harlem.  She even had my mom bobbing her head to Trap Queen and her girly style was the ultimate juxtaposition.}

25. NYC in Pictures{The fashion in Harlem was the most inspirational I have ever seen.  Ever single person at the local brunch spots was dressed to impressed.  Vibrant colors, bold jewelry, heels and make-up done to the nines were almost expected.  I felt scrubby in my laid-back So Cal tank dress and leopard tennies.}

26. NYC in Pictures

{Another typical brunch outfit.}

27. NYC in Pictures {The Harlem church where we went to Sunday service.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much it touched my soul to see the joy they had for Jesus.  A lot of them don’t have a lot, but they are very thankful for what they have.}

11. NYC in Pictures

{Post church service.}

I believe you can learn more about people and cultures in just a few short days in NYC than a whole lifetime in other places.  Although I always leave feeling physically exhausted, I come home feeling spiritually recharged.

Until the next time, NYC!


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  1. anineverland
    anineverland says:

    I think you missed your calling as a photojournalist. This captures so much of the spirit, energy, and freedom found in the big apple.


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