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Three Things Thankful

Guys, the stars aligned for me this week.  The hubs was out of town for work so I was on 24/7 mommy duty.  It happened to coincide with Babe sleeping 13 hour nights and taking 3 hour naps.  This will probably never happen again, but it made me thankful for just about everything I saw.  I […]


Fashion blogs, decorative pillows, the cute mom at Trader Joe’s, and Kyle from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills all have something in common, shockingly.  They are all places from which I gather inspiration for my wardrobe.

Palm Desert Vacation

It could be because we already live close to the ocean that the beach isn’t my destination of choice, or because I don’t ski or snowboard and am lukewarm on hiking that the mountains have never captured my heart, but I find peace in the desert- Palm Springs especially.  The dramatic mountains, the rare occasion that you need […]

Shopping After Pregnancy

Right before Babe was born, I was itching to shop.  I was so tired of the limited amount of clothes in my wardrobe which I wore on repeat because they accommodated my humungous belly.  I could only accessorize so much to make an outfit look new again and I missed the incomparable joy of styling new pieces into […]

Babe’s First Birthday: Fiesta Themed Party

Welp, it’s official.  My baby girl is now a one-year-old. If you have a child, you are familiar with the emotions that run through you when your baby turns one: pride- because after all, your survived parenting for the first year; nostalgia- because how did this little raisin turn into a bubbly, active, individual overnight?!; […]

Wear of the Week: Kimono + Maxi Dress

Before investing in a trend piece it is important to make sure it can be worn many ways. Yada yada yada, you say.  This is an obvious statement and is easier said than done.   It is not unusual for a trendy item to sit in a closet collecting dust until that one specific outfit comes about. […]

Bebidas: Skinny Margarita Recipe

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo comes the recipe you’ve been waiting for since your 21st birthday (or some time close to that, no one’s judging).  Here is the BEST margarita concoction, and it’s a “skinny” one to boot.  No sense it wasting calories on extra sugar and fluff.  Let’s make them count.