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How to Incorporate Trends into an Intentional Wardrobe

Whether you are still in frigid temps or are already enjoying the spring weather half the country is craving, retailers are busting with spring inventory.  The abundance of trends each season can feel overwhelming and as you peruse the store isles, you may wonder, “Am I too old to wear frilly floral tops?” “Will John […]

How to Build a Wardrobe Around Your Business Brand

As an entrepreneur, we hear a lot about “brand awareness”.  It is about being consistent in our message about what our business is and represents and also a way for us to establish ourselves as the expert in our industry.  This involves a lot of areas of our business and should also include one that […]

Navy Blue, I Love You

 My love for navy blue starts with my Nana.  I remember as a young child seeing her admiration for the rich, regal color and she often dressed me in that shade.  From her example, I quickly learned that navy is the perfect counterpart to almost every color: navy + pink, navy + green, navy + red, […]

Coolest Sister Ever

I am excited to share with all of you that our Babes and Baubles family is growing.  Peanut will be welcoming a baby sister in the spring!  Along with trying to manage morning sickness (ha!  “morning”, what a joke), extreme fatigue, and an 18-month-old, my hands have been full and my blog posting inconsistent.  I […]

Three Things Thankful

It’s the never-ending summer around here.  I’m almost positive the inside of our house hasn’t dipped below 80 degrees in months and I haven’t even attempted any pants that aren’t made of a lightweight fabric in just as long.  I find that I keep buying sweaters to coax cooler weather upon us.  No such luck. Alas, […]

NYC in Pictures

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” ― Tom Wolfe Ever since I lived in Madrid, part of me feels at home in a big city.  I like getting lost among crowds of people, I appreciate learning about the different cultures and personalities […]

Three Things Thankful

Guys, the weekend is almost here.  After traveling last weekend, I am looking forward to a weekend focused on family.  We are also going to see violinist Lindsey Stirling perform and if she sounds anything like she does on Spotify, I think it is going to be a great concert! I am thankful for a lot […]

Heaven on Earth and a Palm Frond Romper

Sometimes you come across a place that evokes such beauty it feels like heaven on Earth.  I’m sure the Caribbean has some scenic beaches that meet such requirements, or maybe standing in the center of a glacier in Alaska, and from what I can tell in pictures, one feels that way in one of those fancy huts […]

Three Things Thankful

Whew, what a (couple) weeks.  Babe is officially a toddler which means we just go, and go, and go and go.  It also means cute words and phrases are punctuating her speech (“Iiiiiiii” for “I love you” is my personal favorite.) We have opinions and attitude and we are never quite sure what to expect. […]

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

I learned a valuable lesson when I was about seven.  I vividly remember telling my mom about something I needed when she gently corrected me and asked me whether I actually needed what I was asking for or if I simply wanted.  Hmph. It is still something that consistently crosses my mind but now I like […]

Three Things Thankful

Happy Friday Eve, friends!  The first week back after a holiday weekend is always super rough so I think we should absolutely celebrate that Friday is less then 24 hours away.  My weekend goals include trying a new meal, going for a run, and hopefully some sunshine (the June gloom on the west coast has […]

What to Wear on the Fourth of July

Tragically, holidays are oftentimes an excuse to wear unflattering pieces in obnoxious prints and patterns. For a holiday that celebrates national pride, great food, and a libation or two, it is especially tragic that the Fourth of July tends to be one of the most abused holidays.  Not even Chrissy Teigen could get away with wearing a […]