Hello!  I’m Natalie.

I am a mama to three littles, a wife to my college sweetheart, and a personal branding stylist with an emphasis on the personal.

What does that mean?

I dress women so their ambitions, goals, and personality are represented through their clothing.

Fifteen years ago I studied and earned a degree that was never technically used for the purpose in which it was intended (sorry, Mom and Dad). However, those four years weren’t a total waste because I found my husband, myself, and my passion: building confidence in women and helping them feel their best.

While working at a small boutique, I came to know the ins and outs of dressing women.  I knew regulars by shoe size and their children’s names. Sure, I discovered the cuts, colors, and combinations that flattered the beauty and variety of the female form, but in this one-on-one shopping setting I also got to dig deep into the real reason women wanted to dress well: to achieve the best version of themselves, both inwardly and outwardly.  It was about communicating their message to the world, accurately portraying who they were, and helping them feel the confidence they needed to accomplish, through their outer appearance, their inner voice.

I smile when a woman smiles – into the mirror seeing herself in clothes that fit her how she imagined in her head. I glow when a client glows – in a color she avoided for eons that makes her face light up and her eyes naturally sparkle. I’m proud when a woman’s proud – on her new promotion after we worked together to rebuild what ‘business casual’ really means in her wardrobe.

Clothes are a powerful communication tool.  But that’s it: they are just a tool.  Clothing is just one of the many components available to us to convey who we are.  It is less about the clothing and more about the strong, benevolent, and confident woman we discover each and every day.  Let’s work together and use this tool to broadcast the message you want to send to the world around you.

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